Saturday, April 10, 2010


Its really difficult to write whats going in mind as I have got a very complex mind but

I will try to speak the truth:

  1. A dream that can come true: Life’s a journey but in few days from now I may witness a journey of my life. I am excited….very excited..very very excited….keeping my fingers crossed…lots of ifs and buts are still associated with the journey..but if the journey doesn’t come true I will not stop dreaming about it….but I am really positive and excited too….!
  2. Smile an everlasting smile: Well that’s always the first thing in mind but due to the dream journey it became second…no points for guessing whose smile I am talking about..yes that’s my sum1 special….her smile is so engaging that I can see it 24 x 7 and still wonder from where she has got that smile…I hope she keeps on smiling and I keep on wondering.
  3. Yes she is beautiful: ….an angel to me..a beautiful girl…can do nythn but can’t stop thinking about her.
  4. I lost my mind: My life is brilliant , my love is pure, I lost my mind..y..i m not sure…I don’t know what to do….!!1
  5. The Truth knocks the door: Yes my mind says its time to face the truth…..I will never be with her…but she remains in my heart…&.I am her.
  6. What it takes to make her happy: Whenever I saw her..I saw her smiling…well unknowingly she taught me to be happy always….but how can I give her extra happiness…I can just pray and request….Oh God plz make her happy alwaysssssssss!!! She’s wonderful.
  7. Sum1 plz pinch me: Out of the dream world…(well for me dat was real world nd d only world) my mind thinks about how to make money and get financial independence, I think about food all the time, my third love table tennis, beautiful and sexy girls are always in my mind, how to upgrade myself spiritually…and finally how to live life alone….if sum1’s not there with me….uhhhhhhhhhh…lot of things r in my mind….I mentioned the complex nature of my mind..nyways..done my duty….sleeping now…all d ppl in this world plz take care!!!

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