Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There is a saying that love and death are the two uninvited guest in life, they can come when you least expect them. This Sunday morning I was happy and upbeat as usual as I had plans to catch a movie with my friend in theater. My upbeat mood just got a jerk when I got to know that our laundry man popularly known as ''dhobhi uncle'' is no more.

We knew him from last 10 years as he came everyday in our house to take and return the clothes after pressing them. We were so used to see him since the time I was in school, that now also I am not able to digest the news properly. We had fights with him as we didn't liked his work initially. We even told him to discontinue with work but he requested a lot to my father and ultimately he was again appointed but his pressing skills didn't improve much. The good thing in him was that he was a hard worker and his charges were not too expensive as compared to others. He was around 58 years old very thin and short but he always had a satisfied and happy look on his face. Other thing that I remember about him that he used to visit Vaishno devi Mandir (Jammu, Katra) every six months as he used to give us par-shad and show us the train ticket with a joy every time he had to visit that place.

The last day of his life:
He was fit and fine and was busy in doing his daily laundry work , suddenly he had a giddiness and in a moment he fell on floor. He was taken to nearby hospital but was declared brought dead. It was later revealed by hospital authorities that he had a brain hemorrhage a disease which doesn't come with any warning.

Nothing has changed in my life, I went to see the movie and enjoyed it too. But a strange thought came in mind that I will never see this person again in life..he has gone and gone forever....At that point of a time I felt that is it a right way to get death.....??
May be he could have visited his favorite place ''Vaishno devi'' before dying.
May be he could have spent his last time with family.
I am not aware about his wishes that he had as a person but still can't death tell us its arriving time so that we can plan accordingly as we plan everything in our life from marriage to our first job,etc, etc.

So much ironical it is...God let us plan everything but never tell us our end day as if he wants to keep that ultimate control with him..nevermind I am not here to challenge God rules. My mother always say to me that ''we (my parents) will die after some years then you will be alone'' may be she wants to make me aware about the facts of life...and indirectly telling me to settle down...don't know the reasons but fact remains a fact that death can come anytime.The Bible tells us God is absolutely sovereign over death and life. We have just as much control over our death as we had over our birth--none! Man does not decide who will live and who will die--God does. Man cannot live one second beyond the time God has determined, nor can he live one second less.

Relating the incident with the title of my my blog, at present I feel that life is only a journey and not a destination. So, enjoy it to the fullest and meet every person with love as you might be seeing him/her the last time in your respective life.....!

Lastly I want to share a song lines from a old hindi movie:
''Ek din bikh jaayga maatee ke maul..jag mein reh jaynge pyaare tere bol''



  1. its so true....
    no one can predict one's future...i wish to have a globe which predicts one magician has....:-) atleast we can plan for it...but smtimes knwing the future can create mental tensions better to move on with the present...thats y it is said ki jo karna hai abhi karo...kal ka kya pata....:-)

  2. B S,

    The day we control everything from birth to death, that will the end of this world. May God bless the departed soul with eternal peace. That is the kind of departure I would like too, no lingering around and making near & dear ones looking for the end. And that song is just true essence of what we are. So why not live in harmony, of course it does not mean we take all kinds of nonsense but to live with principles without being egoist or dishonest.

    Take care

  3. @ Rohini ji: Jo bhi karna hai abhi karo..can't agree more with u.....Kya pata kal ho na this will be my fav. line....Jo bhi karna hai abhi karo...thnx 4 telling!

  4. @ Jack sir: Hi jack hru....
    Chalte chalte chale jaaynge ek din bahut dur....
    Na koi humse na hum kisi se hoonge fir majboor!!

    Totally agree with ur comment thanks a lot!

    Tak cre!