Wednesday, October 24, 2012


tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam.....pyaar hota hai deewana sanam.....ab yahan se kahan jaayein hum...tere bahoon mein mar jaaye hum...........!

Beautiful song indeed.....!

Being emotionless or not showing your emotions are two different things but the consequences are same dull , slow and boring life. But the fact is people are very happy in not showing there true emotions they thing its solving a purpose and the purpose is to become more mature, more closer to society rules, more serious and less interesting. On the other hand , the person who is in love is always singing songs, life becomes a dream destination, everything seems so good and you want to make everyone happy.

In the past three years my life has been a roller coaster emotional ride. From touching the highest levels of love to having a realization that its time to be in a let go mode, where you leave everything on destiny. But, the good thing is that the roller coaster ride has not made me emotionless and I don't hide my emotions rather I still love the above mentioned song, I still feel the love that I have, the change is that previously she was the center and now whole universe is the center.

In my first post I stated

If love is the answer can you rephrase the question??

At present I say :

love will always give you the answer no need to rephrase the question.....!

So, the meaning has CHANGED , but the feeling is still there. I can say from experience that real love always comes with pain but it can give you that even money can't give you. You can visit great places of world, make millions of dollars or simply go for shopping but nothing is more filling than love, nothing is more satisfactory than love.

People become:
Non alive

just to avoid the pain, the insecurity love offers us.

But they forget "pyaar kal bhi deewana tha aur aaj bhi deewana hai........." they love the safety , the security that a heart without love provides to them. They feel comfortable, they feel they are doing very intelligent thing by not loving.

But , I can proudly say that I have not chosen the so called secure boring life. Yes, my meaning has changed and that happens , that's the way it has to happen but I don't start hating love, don't start avoiding love. If love changes into hate its not real love.Real love becomes more and more unconditional, Real love can change into friendship, lovers can ultimately become great friends but never be afraid of love.


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