Sunday, June 27, 2010

The book of life…..!! (Part 1)

Life is a journey or destination…..for my inner self this point is the most critical in taking and doing things in life….why do we perform certain karma’s , why we get into complex situations, why what seems simple is not easy when you face it practically. These questions troubled me a lot until I read and understood some of the major points of BHAGVAD GITA.

Reading and understanding BHAGVED GITA is like finding a companion for the journey of life. The message of the GITA is meant to be a preparation for life. It helps us being productive in life while keeping the mind at rest.

Here are some practical tips to follow:

Choosing one’s Swadharma: One must choose in life the field of activity as per ones nature. To find success and satisfaction it is important to be in the field of one’s interest.

Performing obligatory duties: A person sensible to its obligations is progressive and prosperous.
Development of the intellect: The intellect acts on reason and judgment. Acting on one’s likes may give us immediate sense of pleasure but it ultimately leads to ruin.

Acting in the spirit of Co-operative endeavor: Actions dedicated to higher ideal generate greater energy, while selfish actions leads to misery.

Self control: (not self denial): it is channelising our energies towards purposeful end. Without disciplining the senses no higher goals can be achieved in life.

Endurance: While going through unhappy experiences one must know that it will pass. One must strive to gain permanent happiness.

Focus on action, not the fruit: The fruit is nothing but the proper culmination of one’s actions. Focus on the job alone

.”Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”

P.S: Write up inspired by TOI article mindtrack / Teachings: Swami parthasarathy.


  1. this is all so interesting and i would have to agree that a life lived for others and for a higher cause is surely a life worth living! i see so many people who only live for themselves and while they get everything they want, they themselves appear to be most miserable!

  2. Endurance: While going through unhappy experiences one must know that it will pass. One must strive to gain permanent happiness.

    i would alws follow this...
    nice preaching man...u kn i was also thinking on writing the post on Bhagvad Gita.....instead i wanted to qtn some of the teachings...u gave me answeres already thru this post...chalo koi nahi...mera time bacha liya..thnx...:)

    one more lesson to be learnt...Never share before....

  3. @Rohini ji: Its not about not sharn....its abt waitn for particular moment ....let d persn explore itself dat has its own excitmnt.
    I would love it if u try to follow all d points..tak cre!

    @ Sheri:You comment really extend d teachings I mentioned ....can't agree more with u...livn for higher cause is what one shoud attain....thanks 4 readn nd commentng...tak cre

  4. Thank you- I have not read BHAGVAD GITA, in a long time! how fitting now-

  5. @Izzy: Thanks 4 visitin my blog nd commntng ...hope 2 c u here regularly..tak cre!

  6. B S,

    Visiting you after a few days. We learn so much by reading and understanding GITA. I used to read it long ago and am planning to start again as certain thoughts need to be refreshed.

    Take care

  7. @jack : thanks 4 visitin....GITA has some really great teachings that help us living life properly and facing the challenges of life......keep visitin for more updates on it....tak cre sir.

  8. just stopping by to say hello and to tell you that i miss you! hope that everything is going well for you, my friend :)

  9. I came late here .. WIsh you a very happy belated birthday and many many more beautiful ones to come..

  10. @ Bikramjeet@ thanks 4 ur wishes ..nd thaks 4 visitin my blog..hope 2 c u here frequently..t.cre