Tuesday, June 15, 2010


just think for a while....

when you get up after hours of sleep.....
when you are in your dreams so deep.....
When you leave office after working so hard....
When you reach your work place driving so fast....
When time runs faster than you expect.....
When you do everything but not rest....

you forget to do thing that will give you instant return
take sometime for it coz now its ur turn.....
just think for a while.....you will get all benefits
INVEST IN SMILE.....invest in smile....
This is the only thing that can take you extra mile......
just think 4 a while..invest in smile!!!!

Dedicated to all those people who are so willing to win the rat race but forgets to enjoy life as a whole.
No matter what....happiness is the road to real success......BE HAPPY!


  1. hey man...beautifully written...:-) see i smiled...
    a very useful message conveyed..thnx...:-)...may u alws smile ...

  2. yes, i totally agree with you that a smile makes all of the difference in your day!
    have you ever noticed that even when your heart is heavy, if you will smile for the joy of seeing someone you care about, the sorrow seems to lift...it just can't stay when your face is so bright!

  3. @Rohini ji: grt dat u smiled...nd thnx 4 appreciating tak cre.

    @Sheri: very nice thought .....in bad times also if u smile it helps a lot....thnx 4 commentng..tak cre!

  4. B S,

    I agree with you that a little warmth in relations does give you good returns. A smile when you shake hands with a person makes him or her at ease. And it is true happiness which we should seek and not just materialistic one.

    Take care

  5. That was really commendable.
    My life will be startin in a month and I am afraid not to get trapped in the rat race.
    May all of us undrstnd the real life..:)



  6. @ Jack: smile not only makes persn at ease but its d only universal language that can be understand by ny1....a child just smiles nd shows his all emotions....thnks 4 ur valuable comment sir..tak cre

  7. @Nipun: All d best 4 ur new life may u smile all d way.....tak cre..thnks 4 commntng.

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  9. If sumthn comes I will definatly let u know....u can chk sites like agencyfaqs and exchange4media for jobs in advertsing agencies/ media house...thnks..tak cre!